English Premier League 20-05-2023 14:30 Saturday Tottenham Hotspur VS Brentford Venue: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Weather: Partly cloudy, 14℃~15℃


Looking at the current standings, recent performances, and historical head-to-head matchups, we can see the following:

  1. Tottenham Hotspur has a slightly better standing than Brentford in the English Premier League as of the specified date. They’re in 7th place, while Brentford is in 9th.
  2. Tottenham has been performing better at home (66.7% win rate) than away (27.8% win rate), and the upcoming match is at their home ground, which may slightly increase their chance of winning.
  3. The recent form (last 6 matches) of Tottenham isn’t very good with a win rate of 16.7%, while Brentford’s is better with a 50% win rate.
  4. In the head-to-head statistics for the last 4 matches, Tottenham has 2 wins and 2 draws against Brentford, suggesting they’ve had the upper hand in previous encounters.
  5. Despite Tottenham’s higher overall standing, both teams have a similar win rate in their last 10 matches (30%).
  6. Tottenham has a higher average of scored goals (1.9) in the last 10 matches compared to Brentford (1.2), but also conceded more goals.
  7. In Asian Handicap and Over/Under statistics, Brentford has a higher win rate (52.8%) compared to Tottenham (38.9%).

It’s worth noting that these are just patterns based on historical data, and the actual outcome of the match could be influenced by numerous other factors like player injuries, changes in team lineup, individual player forms, and more.

Given the information, the match seems quite balanced, with a slight historical edge to Tottenham Hotspur due to home advantage and head-to-head statistics. However, considering recent form, Brentford could very well provide a tough challenge.

Some general trends:

  1. Asian Handicap Odds: Most companies have increased their odds for the home team while decreasing odds for the away team from the first to the live odds. This suggests that the home team’s performance is perceived to be better than initially expected.
  2. 1X2 Odds: For this bet type (Home win, Draw, Away win), the odds fluctuated among the companies. Some increased odds for a home win while others decreased it. The same is true for draw and away win odds. It depends on the match’s progression and respective company’s risk management strategy.
  3. Over/Under Odds: Most companies have increased their odds for Over (more goals than the line) and decreased for Under (fewer goals than the line). This indicates the companies’ belief that there are likely to be fewer goals scored than initially expected.

Key Analysis Points

  1. Asian Handicap: All companies increased odds for the home team and decreased for the away team, implying the home team is outperforming expectations.
  2. 1X2 Odds: The odds have varied across companies. However, a common trend is the increase in home team odds, suggesting a higher likelihood of their win as the game progresses.
  3. Over/Under Odds: Most companies increased odds for Over while decreasing for Under, indicating that fewer goals are expected than initially thought.


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